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ILRP Coverage Requirements

Click here to determine if your farming operation is required to comply with the ILRP.

Owners of commercial irrigated agriculture required to comply with the ILRP have two regulatory compliance options: 

1. Coalition Option: A grower may enroll in a permit which allows them to join a coalition that assists them with permit compliance. Westside Water Quality Coalition is a coalition providing ILRP coverage to landowners in the southwestern portion of Kings County and northwestern portion of Kern County. The grower remains fully responsible for complying with the permit. This option allows a grower to share the cost of compliance, monitoring and reporting with other members of the coalition and reduces/eliminates grower interactions with the Regional Board. 

2. Individual Option: A grower may seek individual coverage by submitting a Notice of Intent and fee directly to the Regional Board. The grower would communicate directly with the Regional Board and bear the full cost and responsibility for compliance, monitoring, and reporting. Application materials for landowners wishing to obtain individual coverage are available on the Regional Board's website.