Welcome to the Westside Water Quality Coalition

WWQC is a non-profit corporation that was established to serve as the Third-Party Coalition under the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. WWQC’s coverage area generally includes the far western portion of the Tulare Lake Basin. For more information regarding the Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program and the role of WWQC within the Program, please review the “About” and “General Order” sections. Please also see the “Management Practices Evaluation Program” for more information about irrigation and nitrogen management practices.

Irrigation and Nitrogen Management Plan (INMP) Worksheet 

Members of the WWQC will enter their Nitrogen Management Plan (NMP), Nitrogen Summary Report (NSR) and Farm Evaluation (FE) information using the IRLP Farm Log-In above.  All farm evaluation forms were submitted before the March 1, 2021 deadline.

2022 Grower Outreach Online Video

2022 Grower Outreach Attendance Credit Form

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