All owners and operators of irrigated lands located within the WWQC’s coverage area are invited to apply for membership in WWQC. Owners and operators that wish to join WWQC should first review and familiarize themselves with the General Order and WWQC’s Bylaws. All WWQC members will be bound by the requirements of the General Order and Bylaws. After reviewing the General Order and Bylaws, prospective members must complete and submit the Primary Coverage Area Membership Application or Supplemental Coverage Area Membership Application and Membership Agreement. Current Members need only complete a Membership Application.  Members must pay all applicable WWQC membership fees along with the application. Fees should be paid by check made payable to “Westside Water Quality Coalition.” The WWQC application form describes the applicable membership fees, which are calculated on a per-acre basis. The application form includes a worksheet for calculating the applicable fees based on the parcels the prospective member intends to enroll in WWQC. The per-acre membership fee will increase for applicants who apply for membership after June 30, 2016. The General Order requires that all members enroll in WWQC by June 30, 2016. While there is a procedure for enrollment after June 30, the General Order requires members seeking to join WWQC after this date to first submit a Notice of Intent to the Regional Board, and pay an additional fee. In addition to any fees imposed by the Regional Board, WWQC will further increase its membership fees for members who apply after June 30.

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