General Order

The Regional Board adopted new waste discharge requirements to protect ground water and surface water within the Tulare Lake Basin from irrigated agricultural discharges. The General Order requires the owners and operators of “irrigated lands” within the Tulare Lake Basin to monitor and report the levels of certain chemical constituents in the irrigator’s surface waters and ground waters. For purposes of the General Order, “irrigated lands” means all “land irrigated to produce crops or pasture used for commercial purposes including lands that are planted to commercial crops that are not yet marketable (e.g., vineyards and tree crops).” The General Order also contains broad prohibitions on certain discharges from irrigated lands, and requires corrective action when the detected levels of a chemical constituent exceed the maximum permitted level.

The General Order provides two options for owners and operators of irrigated lands within the WWQC coverage area to comply with the General Order: join WWQC, or obtain coverage individually.

For more information regarding the General Order or its coverage requirements, visit the Regional Board Website or review the General Order directly.

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