About Us

WWQC was formed in late 2013 as a non-profit mutual benefit corporation. It was formed in response to the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board’s (Regional Board) adoption of the Waste Discharge Requirements General Order R5-213-0120 (General Order) for Growers within the Tulare Lake Basin Area that are Members of a Third-Party Group. The General Order was enacted as part of the State Water Resource Control Board’s Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program. Additional information regarding the General Order is provided in the “General Order” section of this website.

WWQC’s purpose is to improve conditions and develop efficiencies for irrigators within its coverage area by helping its members comply with the General Order’s extensive monitoring and reporting requirements. In addition to assisting with compliance, WWQC is attempting to reduce the burdens that the General Order imposes on WWQC’s members. WWQC’s purposes and structure are described in more detail in WWQC’s Bylaws.

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